The Trust has been formed, with an initial Board consisting of Eleven Trustees.

Brahmarshi Patriji, founder of The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, is the chairman of the Trust.

Shreyans Daga, founder of The Mumbai Pyramid Spiritual Society, is the Vice Chairman of the Trust.

Sai Krupa Sagar is the Managing Trustee.

Our Board of Trustees

Brahmarshi Patriji

Founder & Chairman

Kaushik Daga

Joint Managing Trustee

P. Chandrasekhar

Member Trustee

Anju Saraf

Member Trustee

K. Bheemesh Reddy

Member Trustee

Shreans Daga

Vice Chairman

K. Murali


P.S.R.K. Prasad

Member Trustee

H.N. Srinivasa

Member Trustee

K. Varahamurthy


Sai Krupa Sagar

Managing Trustee

G. Paul Vijay Kumar

Member Trustee

S.K. Rajan

Member Trustee

B. Shivaramappa

Member Trustee

Pyramid Valley is CLOSED to visitors until further notice